This body of work is the result of an investigation into geological processes and forms. The work is produced using a layering technique inspired by sedimentary rock formations to create a combustible press mould. The technique creates cracking across the outside surface on the work which is uncontrollable as the surface of the piece is moving due to the outer clay wall shrinking unevenly. This is similar to a fault in geology, which is a fracture in a volume of rock where compressional or tensional forces cause displacement.

Work in Progress

Outcrop | Stoneware | 41 x 49 x  29cm

Strata | Stoneware | 42 x 34cm

Strata | Stoneware | 42 x 34cm

Hive I & II | Stoneware  | 37.5 x 26cm & 18 x 19.5cm 

Deposit | Stoneware | 32 x 31 x 31cm

Stacked Vessel | Stoneware | 25 x 18cm

 Luke Fuller © 2019

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