Unearthing Port Talbot

The natural environment of Port Talbot is dominated and arguably overshadowed by the towns steel industry, the largest in the UK. The project Unearthing Port Talbot explores the impact and relationship the towns industrial history has had on the natural landscape, our dependency upon resource and the repercussions of our actions. Forms imprinted with the visceral presence of the physical land and, with hope, a visual dialogue that conveys a narrative of the human experience and the history of the town.


Work in Progress


Charged Vessels | Porcelain | 36 H x 74 W x 36 D cm


Charged Vessel | Porcelain | 36 H x 39 W x 36 D cm


Charged Vessel Photographed in Port Talbot


Exposed Pillar | Porcelain | 38 H x 17 W x 21 D cm 


Brombil | Porcelain | 23 H x 109 W x 5 D cm


Brombil (1 of 5) | Porcelain | 23 H x 109 W x 5 D cm


Undercut | Black Stoneware | 39 H x 44 W cm


Untitled | Stoneware| 19 H x 17 W x 15 D cm